how much?

It’s impossible to say how much you will spend, the only thing we can guarantee is that you’ll fall in love with your Zanzo portraits and probably want to own them all. Most people do and will purchase one of our great value collections, which generally include at least one beautiful piece for the wall, ( a gallery wrapped canvas or framed fine-art print) some smaller gift prints and also some digital copies to share with loved ones (ooh, ask us about our custom iPhone app - it's awesome!). We don’t enforce a minimum spend and are happy to set up a direct debit layby to make owning your portraits easier.

To break it down a bit for you: the experience itself, including your planning appointment, the shoot and the premiere/ordering appointment is only $100 (or $200 for a freestyle location shoot). A la Carte, our gift prints (8x10") start at $190 and come down to just $90 based on how many you order. Our archival wall art pieces range up into the high hundreds, and our great value print packages start at just under a thousand dollars. 

Sometimes people spend a few hundred dollars but most of the time people choose to purchase between $1500 - $3000 worth of portraits. It depends on how much you love your images and how many you would like to decorate the walls of our home.

At your planning appointment, you will have the opportunity to see and feel all of our products and ask any questions you may have about ... anything really!

At Zanzo we pride ourselves on creating the highest quality images and delivering the highest quality printed products. Every Zanzo portrait is designed to last a lifetime. We guarantee you will love your portraits and will happily refund your session fee if you are not 100% happy.