A photographic-project

'Celebrating Teens for who they are'

Wanted: Teenagers who want to celebrate their awesomeness and be a part of our '#nofilter' Photo Project.

Proudly supporting 'Dolly's Dream'

Part of what we do here at Zanzo, is look for opportunities to give back to the community that we love being a part of. Recently we have raised vital funds for life-changing charities such as Brightside, TAS Multiple Birth Association, and Beyond Blue just to name a few. This year we are proud to have the opportunity to partner with the wonderful team at Dolly's Dream and we need your help.

We want to celebrate teenagers for who they are. 

Bullying sucks and most of us have a personal story about how we have been affected. I suppose for me, I like to talk with my children about the fact that kids who bully, often do so because they see something they don't understand - something that makes a child 'different' and this actually scares them. My kids have grown up knowing that 'different' is exciting and most of all AWESOME!

Far too often we hear stories of the gut wrenching struggles our kids endure through bullying and we often feel useless and unable to do anything to help. Well, now is your chance. By booking in your teen for a photoshoot and participating in this project you'll be supporting Dolly's Dream AND your teenager will be made to feel incredibly valued and important just for being who they are. They'll also end up with the best profile pic they've ever had!


Rather than focus on how crap bullying is,

this project is all about celebrating the awesomeness that resides in all teenagers.

As a parent of a couple of children about to enter this stage of life, I am all too aware that those transitional teenage years, between childhood and the rest of their lives are instrumental in shaping the people they will become. If you are anything like me, you'll feel like it was only yesterday you watched them take their first steps - ride a bike for the first time - dressed them in brand-new oversized school uniforms and waved goodbye with a tear in your eye as you dropped them at their first day of school! Man they grow up fast!

5 teenagers together in Hobart studio portrait.jpg

Uniqueness is to be celebrated!

So often I hear parents tell me "oh we should have done a photoshoot before the kids grew up" or "we never get together as a family now that they have all moved away" We know your life is busy and we understand that time goes by so quickly.  

This is a great opportunity to have some beautiful and meaningful portraits made of your teenagers (and the whole family if you like) before they grow up and move out.

 We would love to invite you to apply to be a part of this exciting project.


How does the project work?

1) Complete the form below to apply to be part of our project, we want to know a little about your teenager!

2) We will contact you to make a time for your planning appointment.

3) Your Planning appointment is a 15-20 minute chat with Dean (the photographer) about your teen/family and how we can personalise your photos. Finding out more about you and your family, helps us to create the best portraits possible for you! You'll have the chance to ask as many questions as you like in our warm and cosy studio at 152 Collins St, Hobart.

4) We find a time in the diary for your shoot. At this time you can pay your $50 participation fee that is donated directly to Dolly's Dream. This locks in your session time and it covers all of your appointments, and guarantees an unlimited amount of smiles AND that an image of your teen will be included in our exhibition.

5) You will have a fun relaxed photoshoot in our studio in Hobart, where we will capture a range of images that celebrate uniqueness and individuality. Family (mum, dad, brothers and sisters, pets, grandparents, etc) and Besties are totally welcome and are encouraged to get involved as well. Might as well make the most of it huh?

6) A few days later, you will come back into the studio to our cinema room for the slideshow presentation of your images. There is no obligation to purchase photos, but we know you will love them and want to display them in your home. This will be your opportunity to purchase photos if you like and you can help us chose the image that will be featured in the exhibition. To thank you for your participation we'll also give you $100 print credit towards anything you would like to order from your session.

7) Once we have finished all the shoots, we'll hold an exhibition of the best images (at least one of each participant) somewhere in Hobart. We'll keep you posted on that one!

There is a $50 participation fee to be a part of this project - this is donated in full to Dolly's Dream.

We will in turn credit you with $100 towards any prints you would like to purchase from your shoot.

Every participant will have an image featured in our exhibition once the project is complete.


Register your interest now! (Talk your teenager into it later)

Hobart family portrait with dog.jpg

Kylie Townsend - Margate

"Dean is amazing!! My 13 YO son HATES having his photo taken. For five years he has been missing from all photos. From our first meeting with Dean we all felt relaxed and comfortable, even my son, who would never admit it but had fun. We included the family dog and now have so many perfect memories that will last a life time."