So many times we are asked, "what is the best age to have my baby photographed"?

Well, we have developed the perfect answer! 

Put simply, the Zanzo Babies 1,2,3 program is a series of 3 photoshoots spread throughout your babies first year. Typically this begins with a newborn shoot in your home or our studio within the first two weeks of your little ones life. This is a great opportunity to document those tiny little details like fingers and toes as well as create some images of you all together.


The second visit is normally around the 6 month mark or when your little one has learnt to sit. This stage is heaps of fun as by now babies are super expressive and responsive to some silliness from behind the camera. We'll always be sure to book this shoot at a time that suits your routine to ensure we get as much happy time as possible. 

The final shoot is when we celebrate bubba's birthday! Often by now they'll be able to stand holding onto something or perhaps even be walking. This is a beautiful stage to get the whole family involved again and of course gets are always welcome too! We encourage people will bring some things in to personalise their images. Often at this stage people like to bring party decorations and cakes to have a little fun with - the later is often followed by some bath time...

The best way to showcase this collection is in one of our heirloom quality designer albums. Complete with its own display stand, this is a fantastic record to your babies first 12 months. 

As this is a very time involved and popular program we have to limit it to only ten babies per year. Please get in touch to arrange a consultation if you would like to be a part of this program. The total experience costs $1890. This includes all three shoots as well as 3 cinematic image premieres and a designer album featuring the highlights of all three shoots. You will also have access to our VIP pricing which starts at just $90 per print as well as our other great value artwork collections.  


 If you would like to set up a direct debit layby to make owning your portraits easier then you can!


To book in your planning appointment so we can chat this through in more detail and get our diaries together, give us a call on 6223 1155 or fill in the form here.

Looking forward to meeting you real soon! 


We have loved watching Daniel grow from a bump to bub.
— Zanzo Team
It has been amazing to watch my two girls grow through the stages of the bubs 1,2,3 program
— Polly