Daddy Daughter Day

It's been a hectic school holidays so far with stacks of awesome families coming to visit me in the studio and a handful of fun location shoots too. I'll be sharing some of their stories here in the next few weeks.

Today I have a very special visitor who loves to hang out with Dad - especially during school holidays. Due to an unwell client (hope you get better soon!) I had a spot in the diary this morning which we managed to fill with some constructive activities ;)

Totally her idea!

Totally her idea!

Poppy has a big day tomorrow... It's unbelievable to think she is turning 6! I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. I'll cherish the tears of joy and laughter we have shared since then or the rest of my life.

She is gorgeous, funny, crazy, a complete dork, a sook and a sweet-heart; and that's what makes her my Daughter. 



Happy birthday baby girl! xx