Doug & Frankie

A few months ago, we were visited by Lou and her fur children, Doug and Frankie for a Zanzo Pawtrait Experience. It was a super secret surprise for Lou's partner, Adrian, who was going to be celebrating his 40th birthday. As such, we haven't been able to share with you the awesomeness that they brought to the studio. Until now...

Introducing: Doug the Rottweiler...


... and Frankie the German Shepherd Malamute Cross


Doug is a gentle giant.

Frankie loves a good tummy rub.

They both love chew toys, catching balls and talking about walks on the beach. They are also extraordinarily patient when it comes to eating treats placed on their paws.

Thanks for visiting us guys. We had such a fun (and loud!) shoot. Also, a massive congratulations to Lou and Adrian on their recent engagement and our most sincere wishes for the ultimate in marital bliss!