HAPPY MONDAY! Our weekend was ACE! We even pried open our doors on Saturday for an extra special shoot for the first of our GREAT ZANZO FAMILIES: Megan, James and one year old Alex. We played with caterpillars and rhinos, puzzled over Who Sank The Boat, smashed a cake and went for a dip. 

We love spending our days making people smile and if you do too, get in touch!


Springtime marks a new start for many so we’re taking it as an opportunity to freshen things up. 

We sought the expert advice of Social Media Consultant, Jen Murnaghan at Digital Dandy to give us some tips on forward planning and making the most of our online presence. Last week, the Zanzo Team took a day off from our usual organised chaos of kids and pets bouncing around the studio to sit down and have an inward look at how we can do things better.

zanzo team

One of the hot tips we received from Digital Dandy was to make more regular blog posts. We admit, it is definitely something that we always mean to do but don’t set aside time to get it done. Well,  all of that is about to change! We have so many stories to share with you about the gorgeous families we meet plus offer some hot tips of our own on how you can capture family moments at home, whether it be on a whizzbang digital camera or your mobile while out and about.

Another thing on our to-do list is to get some fantastic behind-the-scenes shots of how we do what we do. To kickstart this initiative, we have began The Great Zanzo Family Search. We’re looking for some chilled out, fun families of all shapes and sizes that wold love the chance to have professional portraits created for them. If that sounds like you and you are cool with the idea of your images being used for print and digital marketing, follow the link below. Be quick though, The Search ends Wednesday 16 September at 10pm.


Winner of our $1000 giveaway - Family portraits in the Hobart Studio

So, we we're out at Eastlands a while back running a bit of a competition and these beautiful people managed to win themselves $1000 credit. How good is that!? 

Rafferty051_hobart baby photo-hobart family photography-tasmanian kids photos-portraits.jpg

They brought their dog along for some pawtraits (see what I did there?) too. He was a pretty funny dude. 

Rafferty021_hobart baby photo-hobart family photography-tasmanian kids photos-portraits.jpg

They won a holiday package worth 10k a while back. Crazy lucky! You've got to be in it to win it hey!  


The girls were awesome and really played it up for the camera. Not really the shy type these two ;)

Rafferty014_hobart baby photo-hobart family photography-tasmanian kids photos-portraits.jpg
Rafferty029_hobart baby photo-hobart family photography-tasmanian kids photos-portraits.jpg

13 and 8 they are. Really cool time for some family portraits before they grow too cool for school. These two won't though. They loved the experience a little too much :)