The Wombmates Project - a celebration of multiple proportions

Last week, oh oops, the week before last week (gee time goes fast!), was Multiple Birth Awareness Week and I (Dean) and the team here at Zanzo were VERY excited to launch the Wombmates Project - a celebration of multiple proportions.

In the coming months, we will be looking for and photographing Twins and Triplets, (and Quads if we can find any!) to celebrate what it means to be (and have) a Womb Mate. 

Your $88 participation fee will be donated to the Tasmanian Multiple Birth Association who are a fantastic community group dedicated to supporting families with multiples all across Tasmania. More info on the website here.

There is something so fascinating about twins! Through this project we will explore the different relationships and expressions, the similarities and differences and above all the personalities that make up the community of Tasmanian twins.

We are looking for twins of all ages - from new born to nineties (unless there are some 100+ year olds out there somewhere - that would be awesome!) to take part in this project. Once the shoots are all done we will hold an exhibition to showcase the images and we'd like them all to be really different so, we'll be shooting these sessions both in our studio in the Hobart CBD and on location around Tasmania. Yep that's right! We are coming up to the north of the state later in the year. Click here to put your name on the Northern Wombmates list.

We have already had HEAPS of interest and the first round of shoots start next week! I am so excited about this project and will try really hard to share the odd image on here whenever I get a chance.

If you or someone you love is a twin or has twins, give us a call to be a part of this exciting project. We are looking forward to meeting you really soon!


6223 1155