The Magic all happens at the Zanzo Studio on Collins St Hobart. We've been here since early 2009 and have undergone extensive renovations over the years to create a space that is warm and friendly and perfectly suited to making awesome portraits. 

After making your way through the very unassuming hallway and up the stairs, you'll be greeted by our main entry door. Ring the bell and one of the team will come a running. Through the hallway you'll turn into our gallery room. This is where we sit and chat and you get to peruse some samples while we plan your shoot.


The shooting space utilises two massive windows that create a beautiful diffused natural light - perfect for photography. As well as this asset we also use the highest quality battery powered flash units which means no cables to trip over!

It's always warm and cosy yet big enough for plenty of people to feel comfortable. Parents can sit to the side as the children have their turn in front of the camera. There is a full length mirror for those last minute touch ups and a private change room off to the side. The floor is painted white so we do discourage black shoes that might mark.


We also have a nice little cinema room set up for you to review your images at your ordering appointment. Plenty of room for up to 6 people on the big black couch, its the perfect environment to showcase your portraits on the big screen in glorious full high definition.


Our state of the art production facilities are located in the back office which isn't so photogenic so you don't need to see that. As you can imagine a business full of creative people, needs to have some area that embraces creative mess. :)