***Bookings will Re-Open early 2020 for the last round of shoots for this PAWESOME Project! You can still register below and we’ll be in touch early 2020 :)***

Zanzo Portraits is aiming to raise $3,000 for Brightside Farm Sanctuary 

Your dog is more than just a pet right? They have free reign of the house, they sleep on the bed and love nothing more than long walks and cuddles on the couch. Do they also have an amazing bond with the people in your family? Especially the kids? Your canine is more than just a pet - they are your fur-baby and a true member of the family.

We are looking for kids and their K9 companions to be photographed for an upcoming book called  “Beautiful Chaos - Kids with their K9s”.  To be part of this exciting initiative, simply register now and we'll be in touch asap to chat to with you!  

Your $50 participation fee will be forwarded to Brightside Farm Sanctuary, to help raise our target of $3000.

"The bond my kids have with their dog is unreal! She absolutely thinks she is human too and is often seen either snuggling on a lap or running around chasing them in the backyard. The sad reality is that she won't be such an active part of their lives forever so we always make a point to book in a professional photoshoot with one of the best every few years. There is no better way to capture their bond than through a photoshoot at Zanzo."


For your $50 participation fee, you will receive a fun and relaxed studio photography session with Dean, (AIPP TAS Portrait Photographer of the Year 2018) and your image included in the “Beautiful Chaos - Kids with their K9s” book.  You will also have the opportunity to purchase additional prints or artwork if you wish.

Here are just a few highlights from some Chaos photoshoots for this year.

But who cares what we think, what are other people saying about us?


Rhianna Booth

“Thanks Dean for the incredible photos in our first shoot. The entire experience from when we first met, to the shoot and then the ordering process was so relaxed and professional. The photos themselves are incredible, and you really caught our little man's personality. We look forward to continuing to meet with you over the coming months/years to capture our growing family.”


Carly Coleman

"I couldn't recommend Dean and the team enough. The experience is so fun, Dean had my girls in fits of laughter from start to finish, even our pet pooch was almost obedient for him. So SO happy with the final photos and service throughout. <3”


Kylie Townsend

“Dean is amazing!! My son HATES having his photo taken, for five years he has been missing from all photos. From our first meeting with Dean we all felt relaxed and comfortable, even my son, who would never admit it but had fun. We included the family dog and now have so many perfect memories that will last a lifetime.”


Imogen Pryer

“Absolutely loved our newborn shoot with our dog Louis the mini labradoodle and the photos taken by Dean. It was an easy process and he was able to move things along quickly so we didn't miss out. It was great to be able to include our dog, and Dean was able to calmly navigate the challenges of babies and dogs to create some beautiful pictures. We were delighted to return 6 months later and have Louis and baby Audrey have a new shoot for the CHOAS Project.”



What is this “Beautiful Chaos” project all about?  We are all about photographing families in a way that represents who they are without the confines or 'perfect posing'. This often means shoots can get a little bit hectic - never more so than when both children and dogs are involved. This isn't a daunting prospect for us - its actually super fun! We are donating all the participation fees with the aim to raise $3,000 for the Brightside Farm Sanctuary.

What is in it for you? Your $50 participation fee is a direct donation to help raise much needed funds for Brightside Farm Sanctuary. You will also have your portrait published in the book and have a series of priceless portraits made, you will also have the opportunity to purchase photographs from your photography session and get some amazing wall art for your home.

When can we have the shoot? During normal studio operating hours: Monday - Friday, 9:30-5:00. If you would like our school holiday sessions times best get in quick - they book out super fast! First step is your planning appointment where we get to meet you and find out a bit more about the personalities in your family. You also get a chance to have a look through the studio and ask any questions you might have. This means on the day of the shoot you’ll all be super relaxed.

Who is the photographer? Dean Mansbridge is the owner here at Zanzo and will be your photographer. He's long been known as a 'child whisperer' for his innate ability to make BFFs with pretty much every child that comes to visit the studio. He's pretty handy with pups too ;) His last pet focused project - POOCH! won an International Gold award and the best Not-for-Profit calendar at the World Calendar Awards. It also raised over $4000 for Brightside Farm Sanctuary. He’s a little bit proud of that!

Can I have all the family photographed?  Absolutely! We will be happy to photograph the whole family at no extra cost, we recommend you take full advantage of the photography session. More pets or more people = More fun for us!

Can I purchase photographs? Yes, of course we will give you the opportunity to purchase photographs. At your planning appointment (before the actual photography session) we'll discuss all of our products and pricing with you to figure out what might suit you best. There is more info about this on our general FAQ page.

Will my photograph be in the book? Yes all those who pay their participation fee, are photographed (obviously), and return for their slideshow presentation/ordering appointment will be in the book. 

Do I get to choose the photograph for the book? Our graphic designer gets the final say in which image goes into the book, but they will choose from YOUR list of favourites which you will create at your ordering appointment. This just ensures that the design of the book is balanced.

When will the book be published? We expect that this project will take at least 12months to plan, shoot, edit, collate and publish. We will keep in touch with all participants to let them know where we are up to in the design and publishing cycle.

How much will the book cost? The price of the book will depend on total number of books ordered, but hopefully will be around $95.

Note - if you are under the age of 18 you must find an adult to apply for you and they must be present at all of your appointments.


Bree Direen

"With a newborn baby and a mastiff, I thought the day was going to be super full on. But Dean is a total pro and made everyone feel comfortable and ensured everything ran smoothly. We couldn’t be happier with the results!"


Mia Fahey

“We recently had a photo shoot done of our fur babies (2 dogs and our cat.) Dean and the Team at Zanzo are great. They make you feel so welcome and the end results are amazing. We now have memories we can cherish forever. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to create memories that last a life time. We will be back!”