Step 1


Your Planning Appointment

Every family is unique so we would love to invite you to the studio to meet with Dean for a casual 15-20 minute chat to discuss how we can create something truly unique for your family. We can discuss things like clothing and props, the best time of day, what you want to do with your portraits, i.e albums, wall art etc and also run you through the process and our pricing in more detail if you wish. Dean loves to be able to meet as many of the people who will be involved in the shoot as possible, especially the children but it's not compulsory. Make sure you bring your diary so we can book in a time for your shoot.

Step 2



Pack your bags the night before and have a chat with everyone who is coming along to make sure they can prepare themselves. Have you packed a change of clothes and the outfits we talked about? Are you bringing any other items with you? Snacks? Tomorrow is going to be a lot of fun!

Step 3



This is the fun part! Dean will often spend a few minutes having a chat and play with the little ones to make sure they feel at ease: his background sure comes in handy here! Make yourself at home while we talk through some ideas and find out what you brought along with you. Then we’ll spend about an hour creating a series of different images that will tell the story of your family at its beautiful best. Here are some ideas of what to bring along on the day.

Step 4


Image Premiere / Ordering Appointment

Movie Time!! Our state of the art Cinema room is perfect for unveiling the results from your photoshoot. Together we'll spend an hour or so going through your photographs and choosing which ones will be displayed as artwork in your home.

Step 5




Once your finished artwork has delivered to the studio and is ready to collect (generally 5 or 6 weeks) we'll be giving you a call to arrange a collection time. Then its just a matter of you installing the portraits on the walls at home and enjoying forever!

A Zanzo portrait will last forever – that’s actually what it means! But it is not a once in a lifetime experience. Many of our clients come back for a visit every few years to celebrate the milestones as their families grow and this is one of Dean's favourite aspects of the job. 

Whatever the reason is for your visit, we would love to welcome you to the Zanzo Family Portrait Experience. :)  

Click here to book your planning appointment and get your Portrait Experience underway!