Everyone's story is different and a Zanzo Portrait Experience is all about exploring just that. 

So with this in mind please feel free to bring along anything you like!

We've seen roosters, rabbits and heaps of dogs, watermelon, yoghurt and bubbles, ninja turtles, spidermen, feather filled pillow fights, and a lot of faeries. If you are sporty, bring the footy. If you like to read, bring some books and we'll have some story time together.

This really is all about you!  

A few different outfits are a great idea too. When planning your family portrait it is worth considering dressing everyone in a way that compliments each other. NOT in uniform ie all dressed the same outfits... please no! But rather in a similar colour palette.  The only real 'rule' is no logos or really busy prints that could detract from the expressions on faces. Keep it simple and don't stress! Just bring a few options on the day.