Want something REALLY different?

If you're a pool owner and would love to celebrate your water-loving personalities through some truly one of a kind portraits, maybe a ZUPE shoot is for you and your family. 

We were absolutely memorised by our underwater photographs when we first saw them... and we still are today. They are hanging in pride of place in our home and are amongst our most treasured possessions. Priceless.
— Shane and Emily Porteous

Perfectly suited for water-loving kids, and soon-to-be mums, having Dean photograph your family underwater is a super fun way to create some very different portraits. He has won many awards for his underwater images, so don't worry - you're in good hands!

As well as creating a series of breathtaking underwater portraits in your pool, Dean can also take the opportunity to spend some time photographing your family in and around your home to ensure you end up with a collection of images that really tell the story of who you are.

There are a few criteria:

  • You must have a pool (or be super friendly with someone who does).

  • It must be clean, maintained well and the water super clear.

  • Children have to be VERY confident in and under the water.

  • An adult must be in the water at all times with children 5 and under.

  • For best results, children should be comfortable opening their eyes underwater.

Your ZUPE session takes around 2 hours and, as such, the portrait fee is a little more than normal ($300) and normal studio artwork pricing applies. Prints will also be available on a ground breaking new medium that really must be seen to be believed! The wow-factor of these portraits will no doubt make them the most spoken about pieces of art in your home.

Please call the studio on 6223 1155 OR use the button below to book your obligation-free planning appointment with us soon.

Like our Tasmanian summer, these sessions are VERY limited so don’t hesitate to contact us.

These will surely be the most captivating portraits you will ever own.